El Regato

El Regato

10516 Valencia de Alcántara, Cáceres


GPS-Coordinates: 39.403256, -7.306704

Send us an email 24 hours a day, we will respond as soon as possible



Project Founder: Sérgio Soares

R.Baixo 18
7320-011 Povoa e Meadas

(Castelo de Vide)

Feel free to call during the day on reasonable times. :-)

+351 965590609

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above here, the map shows how to get there by car from portugal and spain side.

For the PDC you can camp and park at the portugese side !

the spanish road site (is hard to drive the last part no asfalt)

 is only for bringing your heavy (shopping...) things because it is closer to the house.


train from spain to Cacares

and there you can take the bus to

Valencia de Alcantara


Cacares the bus go´s 12:30 and 18:00 to Valencia de Alcantara


from portugal


and bus

to castelo de vide


from porto 1 time a day

and lisboa 2 times a day.