Supporters Welcome

16/09/2015 16:27

We are now looking for 8 helpers to support and perhaps you want to take part in the project also later. we work together from 1 october - 13 october 

13 and 14 october we going to make with the volunteers star (eco) domes.

There is a lot of space and potential in this place. El Regato has quite some ruins that just need a new roof, and somebody could live in there. Also there are a lot of terraces with very good soil for gardens.

If you want to take part in shaping this place, contact Sergio.


would be nice if you could help us 6 hours a day maximum, and then help us 6 -8 days 


36 hours gives you a 50% discount on the course exclusive food (60 euro)

120 euro + 60 euro s in front (for the food