16/10/2015 09:01

PDC - Permaculture Design Course



The PDC is a Permaculture Design Course, certified by the UK Permaculture association. The term permaculture is a contraction of the words "permanent," "agriculture,” and “culture.” Although the original focus of permaculture was sustainable food production, the philosophy of permaculture has expanded over time to encompass economic and social systems.


The course will be held in the establishing community "El Regato" ( See on Google Maps )  



Friday the 16/10 at 9:00 until Sunday the 25/10/2015 at 19:00.


Is it for me?

The course is open to all people and often attended by those in transition to a new life.

It provides all the relevant knowledge and experience for anyone who wants to become a permaculture designer. If you want to know more about permaculture and/or want to implement this knowledge in your life this course is for you!



Although it is not an obligation to have experience, the course is very intensive and can be challenging if the subject is completely new for you. If you have doubts, Contact us.

The most important is to bring an open mind and thirst for knowledge!

Read more: https://elregato.webnode.com/events/pdc/